Introducing ReaKtionTM, our cyber-attack response service

May 2018

Our entire team is proud to announce the launch of ReaKtionTM, a cyber-attack response service for both SME and large organizations.

ReaKtionTM is a simple, efficient, budget-friendly solution that helps companies enhance their capacity to react in the event of a cyber-incident. Our management center provides direct access to a specialized intervention team – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – in case of an attack. Our experts will guide you through each step of the process to regain control as quickly as possible, all the while collecting digital evidence that can help bolster legal action.

Data leaks, cyber-fraud, hacking, and ransomware are now realities of the business world for companies large and small. How should you intervene in the minutes, hours, and days following an incident? How can you avoid compromising any evidence related to the attack? Very few organizations are in a position to hire an entire team of incident response experts, ready to react to a possible cyber threat at any moment.

“Companies are facing major challenges. Given the infrequent nature of these situations, IT teams feel largely unequipped to deal with such serious incidents,” said Matthieu Chouinard, President of In Fidem, Forensik’s parent company. “We are therefore proud to be able to offer businesses of all sizes the same capacity to react as a fire department SWAT team.”

ReaKtionTM is offered as an ongoing subscription. Four membership tiers are available, starting at just $95 per month. Clients who do not face any cyber-security incidents can reinvest their unused capital in other preventive measures, further reducing their risk profile.

Certain annual subscriptions include privileged access to a lawyer that specializes in the aftermath of a data leak (Breach Coach) as well as a wealth of technology.

The time has come to take action and prepare your business for a worst-case scenario. Contact our team to learn more.