Gain the benefit of sound, structured, irrefutable electronic evidence

Whether you’re working in litigation, labour law, patents and trademarks, as a bailiff, notary, or in any other legal profession, you deal with plenty of cases requiring you to obtain digital evidence that is admissible in court. Since preserving the computer evidence is key, you need to work with IT forensics experts, who scrupulously follow strict preservation and chain of custody protocols.

At Forensik, we offer top-of-the-line litigation support and computer investigation services. The skills of our experienced specialists are recognized by police forces, courts, national defense and the scientific community. Their thorough work, supported by the use of highly effective technology, allows you to know with certainty whether digital evidence is available, and if so, to use it properly in court. We are able to respond quickly and effectively to your computer forensics needs.

What our IT forensics team can do for you

Bring in our team on your cases requiring litigation support. We can:

  • Identify the digital evidence that is relevant to the case
  • Extract the electronic evidence and ensure its integrity
  • Administer the digital evidence
  • Analyze all the evidence from computers
  • Give expert testimony in court
  • Recover deleted files (forensic data recovery)
  • Access files that are protected or encrypted
  • Capture digital evidence in support of a civil, penal or criminal case
  • Prepare an expert report
  • Process a complete digital investigation

Examples of cases that require IT forensics

  • Criminal investigation into fraud or misappropriation of funds
  • Anton Piller and Norwich orders
  • Commercial litigation
  • Litigation involving a labour dispute
  • Corporate investigations and internal audits
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Industrial espionage

The integrity of the digital evidence

Regardless of the type of case – civil, penal or criminal – the integrity of the electronic proof submitted to the court is a key requirement to ensure that it retains its legal value.

A document’s integrity is primarily based on the ability to verify that the information in it has not been altered, and that it has been maintained in its entirety. This is equally crucial for paper and digital documents. But preserving the integrity of digital documents poses special challenges: they are volatile, malleable, flexible, and easy to modify.

To ensure that a piece of digital evidence is admissible in court, Forensik’s IT forensics specialists collect, analyze and process each electronic document using precise scientific methods and processes that are recognized by the courts. As a result, our work, based on secure, reliable technology, allows us to demonstrate the uniqueness of a piece of digital proof at all times, copy it without altering it, and preserve it so as to protect the data in it.

Recognized expertise

Our team has worked with many Québec law firms on computer forensics cases, making it an ideal partner on your cases. We even offer training to members of the Barreau du Québec on best practices in this field.

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