Computer forensics investigation

Get digital evidence through our cyber investigation services

Do you suspect that there has been a case of fraud in your organization, whether it be financial, workers’ compensation related, theft of property, or fraud of another kind? Has your company been a victim of identity theft or online defamation?

Your business could be losing money as a result. Consult our eDiscovery and cyber investigation experts to quickly put an end to the wrongdoing. Our team will help you find out who is engaging in the malicious activities and gather electronic evidence that is admissible in court to have them convicted.

Computer forensics

Computer forensics – or litigation support – focuses on finding, analyzing and preserving the digital evidence that is relevant to a case, using specific scientific and legal methods. It provides support for legal actions or collects information as part of an investigation.

Forensik’s computer forensics investigators have very specialized skills and the sophisticated equipment required to identify the best pieces of evidence and ensure that they will be admissible in court. With a thorough knowledge of the legal procedures that must be adhered to, they can act as expert witnesses before the courts and assist the prosecutor during legal proceedings.

Other terms used to describe computer forensics: digital forensics, computer investigation, digital investigation, network forensics and e-discovery.

What we can do for you

Have our eDiscovery and cyber investigation services allow us to collect and preserve the integrity of electronic evidence that could be admitted by the court in a legal proceeding. In particular, we can:

  • Identify the digital evidence that is relevant to a case
  • Extract the online evidence and ensure its integrity
  • Administer electronic evidence
  • Analyze all the digital evidence
  • Recover deleted files
  • Establish the chronology of events
  • Provide digital evidence in support of a civil, penal or criminal case
  • Prepare an expert report

Some cases where eDiscovery and computer forensics are required

  • Criminal offences (fraud, extortion, etc.)
  • Anton Piller and Norwich orders
  • Falsification of files
  • Labour law investigations
  • Corporate investigations and internal audits
  • Intellectual property and industrial espionage
  • Invasion of privacy and unauthorized disclosure of information
  • Defamation and cyberbullying
  • Hacking

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Do you need irrefutable electronic evidence?

8 pitfalls to avoid, to preserve the integrity of digital evidence

Beware of human error!

No matter how well-intentioned your IT technician is in trying to assist you, they could easily do more harm than good if they manipulate data in an effort to identify the person responsible. Before the original evidence is inadvertently altered, call in our computer forensics specialists, who are able to apply industry-recognized digital investigation protocols.

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