Enhance your investigations with solid digital evidence

Are you currently pursuing an investigation for which you need digital evidence? Our team offers an investigation support service to help you identify and prosecute the perpetrator or perpetrators of a crime.

Whether you are an investigator on a police force, with an investigation firm or with a private company, you can call on our computer forensics experts to assist you with your cases.

Effective and confidential

In documenting the cases we investigate, we always use recognized policing methodologies and ensure that our work remains strictly confidential at all times. Our specialists’ meticulous work will provide you with evidence that is admissible in court. We are also able to give expert testimony in court.

An experienced team

Many of our investigation professionals are former police officers and have conducted numerous investigations of all kinds, not just digital.

Available to supplement your expertise

Our philosophy is to enhance your team’s skills. We are used to working with other investigation services, and we know how to make the most of your other initiatives, such as shadowing or infiltration.

What we can do for you

  • Analyze computer hardware: computers, video recordings, mobile devices, servers, telecommunications equipment, etc.
  • Identifying the digital evidence that is relevant to a case
  • Extracting the evidence and ensuring its integrity
  • Collect electronic evidence
  • Testify in court as expert witnesses
  • Filing digital evidence in a civil or criminal case
  • Preparing an expert report

Certified investigators


License # 20014605

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How do you protect yourself from ransomware?

No one is immune, however, by taking the right steps, risks and losses can be reduced.

Among the solutions are:

  • manage administrator accounts;

  • make your regualr updates;

  • monitor access and activities;

  • real-time protection and detection tool crusher;

  • make regular backups;

  • spread awareness for your employees;

  • have a playbook in the event of a ransomware attack.

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