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Take advantage of the leading computer forensics company to identify the source of malicious or criminal activities and put an end to them quickly.

Today, cybercrimes are perpetrated on a daily basis by well-organized groups of criminals with virtually unlimited resources. As a result, protecting your company from intrusions has become a crucial battle. Unfortunately, it’s not realistic for an organization to maintain state-of-the-art cybersecurity expertise internally. Forensik deals with these kinds of incidents every day and responds to end them. Rely on our computer forensics experts.

Who are we?

Enquêtes Forensik inc. is a security agency that offers an integrated approach combining sound expertise in digital forensics (networks, computers, smartphones, tablets and other data carriers that can be used maliciously against your business) with traditional investigation methods. We offer computer forensics/network forensics, cyber breach response and management and eDiscovery services.

Certified by the Bureau de la Sécurité privée, our computer forensics investigators apply best cybersecurity practices recognized by the courts and are qualified professionals who can act as expert witnesses in court.

Is your company dealing with a situation of fraud, theft of merchandise, information theft, hacking, defamation, or the inappropriate use of its computer systems? Take advantage of our online investigation services to:

  • stop criminal and malicious activities or cyber-attack;
  • collect digital and physical evidence against the perpetrators of the wrongdoing;
  • respond to a security incident to determine its cause and address it;
  • help limit its impact on your organization;
  • get expert advice to avoid making mistakes in handling the situation;
  • assess your breach readiness.

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