Quickly and effectively manage a business hacking or cyber-attack

Have you noticed anomalies in your business systems but you aren’t sure where they’re coming from? Do you have suspicions about the origin of malicious acts committed on your systems, but you don’t have the tools or the knowledge and skills you need to confirm who is responsible?

Don’t let these events spin out of control. Our computer forensics team can help you quickly and effectively manage your business hacking incident.

Our incident response line to manage a business cyber-attack or hacking

Our business hacking investigation team starts by conducting a computer forensics investigation to diagnose the compromise and determine whether your systems have been affected. Our diagnosis uses state-of-the-art technology to identify the precise origin of the suspicious activities.

Intervention plan
If your systems are under attack, our team will draw up an intervention plan to contain the attack against you and stop the activities as quickly as possible. By implementing the plan you will be guaranteed to solve the problem.

Finally, we will prepare a report with a list of recommendations for preventing similar occurrences in the future.

Digital evidence
You can rest assured that our computer forensics specialists will collect all the electronic proof required to prepare a legal case, if that is what you wish to do. You will have unaltered digital evidence that is admissible in court.

Examples of cases that require our services

  • Abnormal behaviour on a computer, system, server, or telecommunication equipment
  • Attempt to connect to a system remotely
  • Unjustified manipulation of data or files
  • Denial of service attack
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • APT
  • Ransomware
  • Rootkit
  • Zombie network
  • Critical infrastructure attack (SCADA system)
  • Economic or industrial espionage
  • Website hacking

What we can do for you

  • Denial of service investigation/forensics
  • APT proof/evidence
  • Business hacking investigation
  • Hacking evidence/proof
  • Website hacking investigation/forensics
  • Digital forensics incident response
  • Business hacking emergency response

Why a computer attack?

It’s important to understand that technology is increasingly being used by criminals to commit their crimes. They may use your computer systems to achieve their purposes without targeting your organization per se. Their actions are aimed at making services momentarily unavailable by creating a “traffic jam” using a massive inundation of requests.

More than 150 organizations have brought in our online services over the past few years to stop episodes of this kind. You too can mount an effective response, by turning to our computer forensics experts.

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