Forensic Accounting

Collect digital evidence that identifies the person responsible for financial fraud beyond a doubt

As accountants or forensic accountants, you work on cases of financial fraud requiring watertight evidence that will be admissible in court if the case goes to trial.

To trace the individuals’ involvement in fraudulent transactions, you can depend on our computer forensics services. The skills of our experienced specialists are recognized by police forces, the courts, and the scientific community. You can rest assured that our experts will ferret out the hidden evidence and prove the guilt or innocence of the parties concerned, in cases of fraud allegations.

The experts you need

Forensik’s investigators can support your forensics accounting team in processing their cases. They offer highly specialized skills and the sophisticated equipment required to identify the best pieces of evidence and ensure that they will be admitted by the courts. Fully conversant with all the procedural rules that apply in court, they are able to act as expert witnesses and assist the prosecutor or the counsel of defense during legal proceedings.

What our fraud investigators can do for you

  • Help you follow and analyze flows of money
  • Extract the evidence and ensure its integrity
  • Administer the digital evidence
  • Testify in court as an expert witness
  • Prepare an expert report

Examples of cases that require computer forensics

  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Money laundering
  • Fraudulent bankruptcy
  • Collusion with third parties
  • White-collar crime
  • Suspicious behaviour relating to accounting entries

The integrity of the digital evidence

Regardless of the type of case – civil, penal or criminal – the integrity of the electronic proof submitted to the court is a key requirement to ensure that it retains its legal value.

A document’s integrity is primarily based on the ability to verify that the information in it has not been altered, and that it has been maintained in its entirety. This is equally crucial for paper and digital documents. But preserving the integrity of digital documents poses special challenges: they are volatile, malleable, flexible, and easy to modify.

To ensure that a piece of digital evidence is admissible in court, Forensik’s IT forensics specialists collect, analyze and process each electronic document using precise scientific methods and processes that are recognized by the courts. As a result, our work, based on secure, reliable technology, allows us to demonstrate the uniqueness of a piece of digital proof at all times, copy it without altering it, and preserve it so as to protect the data in it.

Recognized expertise

Our team has worked with many Québec accounting firms on forensic accounting cases, making it an ideal partner for your cases. We even offer training on best practices in the field – ask us about it.

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How do you protect yourself from ransomware?

No one is immune, however, by taking the right steps, risks and losses can be reduced.

Among the solutions are:

  • manage administrator accounts;

  • make your regualr updates;

  • monitor access and activities;

  • real-time protection and detection tool crusher;

  • make regular backups;

  • spread awareness for your employees;

  • have a playbook in the event of a ransomware attack.

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