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What are the risks during a ransomware attack?

  • Infected networks and computers
  • Potential interruption of your operations for several days or even weeks due to computer failures 
  • Exfiltration of personal data of your partners (customers, suppliers, employees) and of your assets (intellectual property, banking data) resold on the dark web by cybercriminals 
  • Encryption of your data 
  • Ransom demand 
  • Obligations to disclose any leak of personal data 
  • Damage to your reputation 
  • Potential lawsuits 

What is ransomware?

It is a cyberattack whose goal is to hold your data hostage by encrypting itAttackers then demand a ransom to unlock them. The latest versions exfiltrate your data and threaten criminals to leak or sell your data online.

The ransoms claimed can range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars.

2019 :

  • Average ransom demand: $ 3,000,000
  • Maximum ransom demand: $ 30,000,000
  • Average interruption: 10 days
  • Maximum interruption: 90 days

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Recent incidents of ransomware attacks


Random untargeted phishing attacks

Average ransom: $


Automated hook infections

Average ransom: $$


Automated and persistent infections + Destruction of backups

Average ransom: $$$


Encryption + Data exfiltration

Average ransom: $$$$


Ecryption + Data exfiltration + eBay-style encantage platform 

Average ransom: $$$$$

What are the most common types of attacks?

Ransomware attacks are possible because of phishing attempts or vulnerabilities in your network.

Cybercriminals will:

  • send contaminated emails
  • carry out attacks on the RDP protocol
  • use software vulnerabilities in your netowork
  • infiltrate via an infected website

206 days: that’s the avergae time before an attack is detected

How do you protect yourself from ransomware?

No one is immune, however, by taking the right steps, risks and losses can be reduced.

Among the solutions are:

  • manage administrator accounts;
  • make your regualr updates;
  • monitor access and activities;
  • real-time protection and detection tool crusher;
  • make regular backups;
  • spread awareness for your employees;
  • have a playbook in the event of a ransomware attack.

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