Cyber breach readiness

Assess your capacity to respond to an incident and be prepared to respond effectively

Is your organization looking to assess and improve its detection system and control an advanced cyber-attack? Here is an excellent strategy for making improvements to your current practices and minimizing the damage in case of a cyber-attack!

Our team of experts can take preventative action by preparing your teams, even if you have never had an incident before. They will use their knowledge of best practices in responding to a critical security incident, they will help you find the best way to protect your company by properly preparing you for “D day”.


The first step is to conduct an assessment of your processes and your ability to respond quickly to an anomalous situation. We test your security operations centre and your incident response line. For example, we may create simulated cyber-attacks of various kinds targeting your company. Naturally, care is taken not to impact your operations.

During the tests, our experts analyze your incident response readiness in each of the following areas:

Incident detection
Are the detection systems in place able to detect an incident quickly?

Do you have a clear process in place for responding to a potential cyber-attack, and is it effective?

Does your staff have the skills required, and do they understand their roles and responsibilities in the event of a cyber-attack or network security issues?

Are you using the most reliable technologies to protect you and help you respond promptly?

Legal compliance
Do your incident response processes comply with applicable legal requirements and regulations?

Improvements and an incident response plan

The results will allow us to identify exactly where your organization’s vulnerabilities are in the event of a cyber-attack or network security issues.

To help us protect you, we will make a list of the improvements required, in order of priority. Forensik can implement the changes recommended to improve your incident response readiness, in collaboration with your internal IT team.

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Interested in improving your incident response readiness?

How do you protect yourself from ransomware?

No one is immune, however, by taking the right steps, risks and losses can be reduced.

Among the solutions are:

  • manage administrator accounts;

  • make your regualr updates;

  • monitor access and activities;

  • real-time protection and detection tool crusher;

  • make regular backups;

  • spread awareness for your employees;

  • have a playbook in the event of a ransomware attack.

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