Investigations on individuals

Go beyond a digital investigation

Whether your business is the victim of fraud, an information leak, online bullying or time theft by its resources, there are many methods for identifying who is responsible for these offences. In order to increase your chances of finding the perpetrator, don’t limit yourself to digital data: combine a physical investigation with a digital one.

To error is human

Technology isn’t the only thing behind cybercrimes: there are also the people who commit the crimes. Take advantage of a team that combines two recognized investigation techniques to put together a solid case that will allow you to bring charges against individuals.

More power

Our team has extensive experience in the world of policing, allowing us to apply the best police investigation techniques to the reality of the corporate world. The experienced investigators we employ provide the link between the work of the digital investigator and the court. They gather physical, concrete evidence, tracks left in the “real” world that confirm the initial suspicions.

Digital investigation and physical investigation are a combination of expertise that maximizes effectiveness. Let us facilitate your analysis of the data and decision-making with facts.

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  • Infiltration
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  • Hidden camera
  • Wiretap detection
  • Interview and interrogation
  • Pre-hiring investigations

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