ReaKtionTM now equipped with a mobile app for incident management

November 2018

Forensik is pleased to announce an important addition to its cyber-attack response service: access to a mobile application dedicated to incident management. This new development was made possible thanks to Forensik’s partnership with technology firm Cobalt. This collaboration will give ReaKtionTM subscribers the ability to automate their response processes from the comfort of their smartphone.

An app that simplifies cyber-incident management

In the event of an incident, the app allows response teams to communicate simply and effectively between all parties involved. Gone are the days of searching through a binder for an important contact’s phone number, or for the correct procedure to carry out in a specific situation. The mobile app allows you to ramp up your teams’ efficiency levels and drastically reduce incident response times.

The tool that Cobalt has developed offers the simplest, safest, and most efficient solution to mobilize and coordinate response teams, follow incident progression, trigger alerts, send mass notifications, and share critical documents.

“Thanks to the app, we will be able to not only make our intervention unit more accessible, but also our business partners. Our clients can also benefit from automated response processes, which make interventions even faster,” said Mathieu Chouinard, president of In Fidem, Forensik’s parent company.

For Jean-François Plante, president of Cobalt, “this strategic partnership will allow us to continue optimizing our technological tool, so we can offer our clients a specialized response capacity for cyber-investigations. Everybody wins!”


How to get on board

You can get a basic subscription to ReaKtionTM for only $120 per month, including one Cobalt’s licence. Don’t delay – contact our team to get started and enjoy access to our mobile app.


The ReaKtionTM Advantage

ReaKtionTM is a simple, effective, and economical solution that allows organizations to increase their reaction capacity in the event of a cyber-attack. Forensik’s management centre gives clients direct access to a specialized intervention team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The service is offered on a subscription basis that is valid at all times. Four different subscription levels are available, starting at just $120 per month. Clients that do not experience any cyber-security incidents can reallocate their unused budget towards preventive measures in order to further diminish their risk profile.


About Cobalt

Founded in Quebec, Cobalt is a conversational incident response software designed to reduce organizations’ reaction time when incidents occur. Cobalt provides a simple and highly secure app that connects employees and automates each and every action during incidents. Now distributed by major public safety organizations, Cobalt innovative solutions have been recognized within the industry, and help multiple businesses around the world.

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