Forensik launches a call for speakers for its second edition of the Forensik Conference, which will occur on Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 and will be virtual.

Faced with growing cyber threats, this unique event in Quebec dedicated to the management and responses to incidents is suited for all types of private organisations, governments, insurers, lawyers, law enforcement and cyber incidents response specialists.

The event objectives

  • Allow the participants to learn and exchange with the speakers on their concerns about cybersecurity incidents
  • And prepare themselves in the event of a cyber attack


A schedule revolving around 3 themes


  • Cyber incident management track

Objective: increase the knowledge in the planning before an incident as well as the management and business components regarding cyber security

This theme is designed for business leaders/CEO/GM/CFO/CISO/Lawyers/Public Relations.

  • Basic techniques to know

Objective: develop the essential techniques for incident response and cybersecurity

This theme is designed for IT Directors, Systems Administrators/Cybersecurity analysts.

  • Advanced techniques in cyber attack responses

Objective: learn and discuss new techniques and tools in this field

This theme is mainly intended to incident response specialists, SOC security analysts and Cyber-investigators.


Call for speakers

Whether you are entrepreneurs, data breach lawyers, cyberinsurers, policemen, cyber security managers, response to cyber security experts, we are inviting you to submit your application in order to help participants to better understand the challenges of handling cyber attacks and above all to prepare them to face these events.

To apply, please complete the on-line application template.

Should you wish to apply for more than one theme, please submit separate applications. Please take note that commercial and sale oriented presentations will not be accepted.

Deadline: May 15th, 2020 at midnight

Selection criteria

All applications will be considered. The final choice of the selection committee will be based on the relevance and quality of the proposed subject.

The committee will evaluate the application files in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Diversity of profiles: in order to guarantee training exchanges, the committee will select profiles combining a diversity of company profiles, organizations and other experts who stand out for their knowledge and experience in management /response to cyber incidents;
  • Innovative and/or inspiring projects that can be exposed through examples or case studies;
  • A group of International, Canadian, Quebec and Montreal players in order to stimulate international exchanges and partnerships.

The entire Forensik Conference organizing team is thanking you for your interest and is looking forward to living this new edition with you, which promises to be an enriching experience in learning and connections!