Sharing sensitive data securely

Do you ever stop and think about the amount of data circulating around your office? How can you protect your company and manage the vulnerabilities related to this information? Even if you’ve detected the gaps in your own cybersecurity, what about your business partners?

A look at the world of computer forensics

When a client’s IT systems are impacted by a security incident, cyber investigators (or digital forensics investigators) track down the hackers responsible. This profession is still fairly new, but sure to grow as more and more of our day-to-day activities take place in cyberspace.

Building a cybersecurity plan for your company

Today’s pirates have traded gold for data, and rather than sailing the seven seas, they surf the web looking for vulnerabilities. Companies are exposed on several fronts, with no choice but to invest in protection against insidious attacks by cybercriminals. In order to invest wisely, the first step is to detect gaps and assess the cybersecurity risks that threaten your network.