Alex Frappier, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Trainer at Cancyber, took part in the interviews for our podcast INTRASEC, In Fidem’s cybersecurity channel. He explained to us why the Government of Canada launched Cancyber and how this threat sharing and detection tool helps reduce your risks.

Cancyber: what is it?

It is a free service created at the initiative of the Government of Canada to originally facilitate the work of detecting state threats.

Cancyber offers advanced detection tools thanks to numerous technological partners. But it is also a platform for sharing indicators of compromise, fueled by any organization wishing to enrich the existing base.

Thus it is possible to make available indicators to the existing communities of the platform, to prevent facts identified within your organization. And you can load detection criteria shared by other members on your equipment and your own malware detection tools in your systems (computers, networks, etc.).

What are the benefits of Cancyber?

In addition to the free service, Cancyber provides real-time sharing of threat detection criteria and thus offers the possibility for all Canadian organizations, public or private, to take preventive measures.

Indeed, once the threat is detected, it is often too late. The incident has already taken place: your data has already been encrypted and exfiltrated in most cases.

By using the platform, you can be one step ahead of potential cybercriminals who are considering attacking you, and you can lower your risk.

The main thing to remember

  1. The added value of Cancyber lies in the possibility of offering everyone the opportunity to collaborate together hand in hand;
  2. Technology partners and organizations by sharing their detection information allow the Government to investigate and be more reactive to respond to cyber threats;
  3. Sharing information can make a real difference for the weakest

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